Click here to see chicken rotisseries!
Click here to see chicken rotisseries!

Get the most flavour with Chicken Rotisseries

It’s a known fact that people on average consume more chicken than any other meat including staples such as beef and pork. And let’s face it, who doesn’t just love a tender, moist and tasty roasted chicken for dinner? Chicken rotisseries allow you to cook some truly delicious birds.

The best way to get the most flavour and tenderest meat out of your chickens is to cook them on a rotisserie. If you don’t know too much about the process, this article will shine some light on the workings of this cooking method.

Rotisseries: not just plain roasting

Restaurants often offer roasted meats (that are delicious) and manage to pack so much flavour into them by using great tasting spice mixes and rubs. But roasting is not exactly rotisserie so, what exactly is the difference between both?
The main problem with traditional roasting is that the heat distribution is uneven and cooks the meat more in some places than in others. That means that some parts of the chicken will need to be overcooked for others to be just right.

Chicken rotisseries on the other hand eliminate this problem thanks to the metal fork that holds the chicken in place known as the spit. The spit holds the chicken in the air and is constantly turning it while it cooks. The result is a chicken that keeps all its juices and that is as evenly cooked as possible.

Since the chicken is constantly rotating, the natural juices are never lost and are used to coat every angle of the bird again and again. This seals in the flavour and doesn’t let any of the moistness escape during cooking. While basting isn’t required with chicken rotisseries, it really doesn’t hurt and can add a ton of flavour especially if you use something like your favourite barbecue sauce. Just remember that you don’t need to do it as often as if you were roasting your chicken.

Some great ways to add some flavour to the chicken is to marinate or apply a dry rub before starting the cooking process. If you go for the dry rub, make sure you get some all over the chicken even on the inside. If you prefer the marinade approach, remember to put the chicken in it at least a few hours before you cook it (ideally you would marinate it overnight). In both cases, it’s recommended that you cut some small slits in the skin to get some rub or marinade in between the meat and the skin. This will add even more flavour to the meat instead of having the skin absorb it all.

Another great thing about chicken rotisseries is that they allow the fat content to drip off leaving only the natural juices behind. This means that on top of being delicious and full of flavour, it actually makes for a much healthier chicken than other cooking methods where the bird cooks in its own fat.

You will also want to check your current oven because some of them actually come with the ability to attach spits and a motor specifically for the purpose of rotisserie. If you do have this option in your oven, there is absolutely no need to buy separate chicken rotisseries. If you don’t though, know that you can buy one for a very reasonable price nowadays and be on your way to making restaurant quality chicken right in your own home.

Click here to see chicken rotisseries!