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The George Foreman Baby Rotisserie

There is a new contender in the game, and it is backed by a legend. It’s the George Foreman Baby Rotisserie. You probably remember that a few years back, George Foreman came out with his own line of grills that let virtually anybody eliminate the fat content out of their meals by grilling up some great tasting food right in their own kitchens. Even all this time since they first came out, thousands of people are still using their grills and most of these good folks can probably still remember the original infomercial they saw it on. It has been ten years since then and George Foreman is coming out with a new rotisserie that is great for fat reduced cooking as well.

Comeback kid

You see, rotisserie cooking is making a roaring comeback. Those who never gave up on it in the first place know that this form of roasting pulls its magic from rotating the meat constantly during cooking which evenly bastes and cooks the meat. The result: some of the most flavourful, tender and delicious meals that can still boast some fantastic health benefits.

Limited kitchen space?

The problem with most rotisseries out there is that they take up more space than they need to. Trying to fit one into your kitchen becomes a pain in the neck that just isn’t necessary. George Forman’s take on the home rotisserie makes a point to eliminate this problem once and for all. In fact, it only measures 18 inches wide (or a foot and a half) so even if countertop space is an issue for you there is no doubt room for the George Foreman Baby Rotisserie.

Set it and forget it

As with any self respecting rotisserie, the Baby Rotisserie comes with its own sets of skewers (for large pieces of meat) as well as a basket (for smaller cuts of meat and even vegetables). That way, whatever you put in it will be cooked evenly. There is also an integrated timer that lets you set the cooking duration without requiring you to come back and check on it every 15 minutes to see if it’s done. It has a maximum of 3 hours and warns you when it’s over.

To marinate or not to marinate? That is thy question.

If you want to see how much fat you are actually avoiding when using this rotisserie, just pull out the flat tray at the bottom when it’s done cooking. You will be amazed at how much oil and fat has actually dripped off your piece of meat. But it doesn’t get rid of all the good stuff. Just like the old George Foreman grill, the rotisserie traps all the tasty juices inside the meat keeping it moist and tender. Also, because the skewers are constantly turning the meat, the natural juices baste so you don’t really have to.

While you don’t need to marinate the meat to get it to taste great, doing so will really make it taste outstanding. You will get the best results by marinating whatever piece of meat you’re going to cook at least a few hours before and ideally overnight. That way it will really have time to absorb all the flavours and make it taste great. You also have the option to apply a dry rub instead of a liquid marinade to get great tasting food. Basically anything you want to do you can, and the George Foreman Baby rotisserie will help you do just that in the comfort of your own kitchen.